Zackary Thistle- A Critique

This weeks blog is a bit late due to a crazy amount of end of the year assignments flocking in all at once, but I still managed to get it done. This week we had to read someone else’s blog and critique their style and junk. I chose Zachary Thistle.

Reading Zack’s blogs in order, you see that he has become more and more comfortable with the journalistic style of writing required of these blogs. Sometimes this helps him, because his comedic personality shines through. Sometimes it hinders him, because it makes his train-of-thought hard to follow. That being said, and something I cannot necessarily say for myself, Zack always incorporates course material into each of his blogs, which shows his desire to learn and put his knowledge into practice.

Zack doesn’t necessarily articulate his ideas the most eloquently, but for the most part you can understand what he’s trying to say, and it’s usually a fairly valid point. One of Zack’s biggest strengths, I think, is his ability to set up his reader. He hooks us, gives us a brief blurb about his topic, some light preamble one might say, and then introduces his point. This way of guiding-his-reader is evident in all of his blogs and is something I enjoyed.

As mentioned before, Zack relates all of his blogs back to the course material and you can tell that he is trying to get into the minds of the actor. His best blog, in my opinion, was Psychological Warfare because you could tell that he was really enjoying what he was writing about. You could tell that he understood how the course material applied to the movie, and because of that the blog did not feel choppy or disjointed; it had a natural flow to it because he articulated his points succinctly.

Where Zack could use the most improvement is in his punctuation and phrasing. I understand the assignment requires us to writing in almost a colloquial style, but sometimes his style is so informal it becomes disjointed and hard to follow. What I would recommend to Zack is reading his blogs out loud as if it were a speech, adding in breath-marks as commas, and finding places where sentences naturally break; where phrasing is awkward. This will help him hear out loud, what his reader is reading in their heads. This is not meant to be a stab at Zachary’s writing style in general, but for the purposes of this assignment, and for the sake of his TA, he may want to consider finding a nice middle place between Psychological Warfare being his best, and Dr Strangelove (being the hardest to follow).

Overall, I enjoyed reading Zack’s blog. Him and I are fairly close friends, but until this point I have not read any of his work. It is nice to see someone else’s opinions on the films, especially Boys Don’t Cry. Good work Zack! 🙂


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